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We offer veterinary services for pets as well as consultation and support for development projects and training for veterinarians.  Canadian founder Dr. Paul Schuster has practiced veterinary medicine since 1993 and has lived in China with his wife and four children for ten years.  He has extensive experience in pet medicine, exotic animal medicine, agricultural medicine and the training of veterinarians.  He speaks English, Mandarin and German.

Veterinary services for pets are available by appointment through this site at the Yang Guang Jin Sha animal hospital in Chengdu.

For more information on pet services or consulting/training services please click on the above tabs for details.

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Pet Emergencies

For pet emergencies please call 66600967

If Dr. Schuster is not available please contact the qualified veterinary staff at the Jin Sha animal clinic at 8733-0508. Service is in Chinese only but they will contact Dr. Schuster for translation or consultation if necessary.

Veterinary Training / Consulting
  • Assistance with development projects
  • Agricultural consultation
  • Veterinary training